Thursday, July 31, 2008

Easy money

I ran into this fabulous Cole South blog via Andrew's, and frankly I was amazed at some of the discussions and strategies that Cole has. For a novice like me, the blog is an absolute goldmine.

For the uninitiated Cole South aka CTS is one of the most feared high stakes online cash game poker player. He is 24, an undergrad at Cornell (or South Carolina i forget which), and had reported earnings of 1 million USD+ in 06 and 07 (solely from online poker, he doesnt play live much).

Since a picture speaks a million words, here is one of his daily earnings graph (click to enlarge, y-axis is earnings and x-axis is number of hands played):

He has averaged 100k p.m. almost like clockwork over the past few years.

Sigh !!!!

As an aside here is another inspiring story of my favourite student-poker player. Gaucho is a great friend of mine and an absolute beast of a poker player. He is currently on a mini sabbatical from poker having recently joined one of the premier law practices in NYC (not to mention a marriage is on the cards as well) . He financed his NYU law degree (200k+ in student loans) via his poker exploits. He used to play in one of those really big poker games in Long Island with high-flying IBankers, HFund-managers, lawyers and cardiologists and absolutely raped them. It was fascinating to hear his stories about how these super-rich guys used to sit down with bundles of 5k wads and there was dear old gaucho, the poor NYU student all ready to dish out anal rapings !! Incidentally one of these houses where this game took place was (is) owned by his current boss, which is where he got his job offer from, after one of the anal raping he dished out to him obviously. Talk about networking !!!!

Time for more sighs !!!!

In other OMG news: I have taken on 2 new poker students for August. That makes stuff even more hectic as both of them have booked up three 4 hour slots each for the upcoming week. But both of them seem very very sincere and keen on learning and picking up some of the stuff as well as plugging some obvious (and not so obvious) leaks in their game (I spent a couple of hours today watching them play), so in a way it should be fun working with them.


Soni said...

hey any tips on how to get better during B-school? I wouldn't mind playing against HF managers after school :P

OMGparishilton said...

@soni: I am still taking students for august ;-)

HappyBunny said...

omg just wondering how much you charge :P or you charge percentage of the winning?

OMGparishilton said...

@happybunny: 180 per hour (usually is negotiable depending on the student's background), no % of winnings is taken, but if one books a 3 hour slot it is a flat 500. Offer includes several full Hand-history analyses.

TienyChesney said...

OMG, can you believe i only realized you had a blog today? man, i've been missing out. some interesting stuff here. i like how you have a super analytical side... and i like the OMG coins even more!

V2B-School said...

omg - what a blog!

OMGparishilton said...

@tieny, v2b: OMG thats so cool