Saturday, July 19, 2008


strength: top ug school (7.2/10), top grad school in discipline (3.8), widely published in leading journals lending credibility to acads (UG gpa maybe low, but i can manage that, especially with my publications, anybody have any comment on the relevance of publications in leading journals to academic strength)
weakness: dropped out of THE top phd program (have story)

Serious XC: sport: poker.. stellar 3 year performance track record, winner of numerous big field-large prizepool tournaments all over the place including important world poker tour circuit events, stories aplenty
community service: computer teacher for underprivileged kids (4 hours/week) with salvation army
weakness: no leadership exp in XC (impossible really with an individual sport like poker and a teaching volunteering activity)

Career: strength: good progress, developed several leading cutting edge technology with direct and very visible impact on company's bottom line , related to this worked on atleast 2 of the company's most important projects in the past 1 year, atleast one HUGE project obtained by company on the merit of technology developed
weakness: no traditional leadership exp, could be typecasted as tech (and no not software/IT)

MBA essay underlying theme: Career changer.

And that is that... in a nutshell, comments, critiques, observations welcome.


trystwithmba said...

The good part about your assessment is that you already know the weaknesses, and that your strengths are completely outweighing them ! Good luck !

HappyBunny said...

WOW were you on TV. I love watching TV poker :P

OMGparishilton said...

@ tryst: u think so, i am still scratching my head about my drop-out fiasco though

@happybunny: WSOP 07 main event, indian guy in a cap is shown for exactly 10 seconds on ESP, on one of the outside tables. But these days its mostly online