Friday, July 25, 2008

Stop that---be serious

Ok after jerking around in some of the earlier posts lets move on to some serious topics for a change.

(1) Many many thanks to those readers who emailed me with resume/essay swapping and peer-reviewing suggestions , but unfortunately for you I am not a 09 applicant, I am a 2010 applicant. So you would have to make-do with somebody far less briliiant than me. And for the 5 of you who sent in your million word long essays, I will try and go through them over the weekend and get back to you, but remember the operative word here is TRY. I am already doing sessions with 2 of my closest buddies (09 applicants), and dont really have much time.

(2) The majority of the coming one year will be spent, from an MBA point of view, on building a community service track record, something which I feel is an utter laggard on my resume. I have started as a volunteer computer instructor for underprivileged kids with Salvation Army, and already the shit has bored me out of my mind (4-6 fucking hours every weekend and when my weekends are tied up I do after hour weeks, talk about the fucking pain, but apparently com-service is a big deal with the stupid fucking adcoms, so screw me) . On a brighter side, the only available alternative to comp-literacy-nights right now, with Salvation Army atleast, is Bingo-nights with elderlies, so in a weird way I should be thankful.

(3) My interest is in Sales and Trading/buy side of finance (sell side is for dummies if you want to know the truth), but I am sure that each and every adcom in this big bad world will scamper for the nearest trash-bin if I dare mention a word of that in my apps. So, instead, I'll weave mind-blowing consultant stories (with the obvious energy focus (core competency), b-schools love the energy buzz words these days) in my apps. But then assuming I get into an MBA (I'm pretty sure I would), come interview time those buy-side hedge funds will again make a beeline for the trash-bin with my resume. Hence I decided to get a CFA level 1 (date is June 09) before starting an MBA. An year is time enough for that I hope.

(4) Euro schools seem to be out for now, as my girlfriend is doing her phd in finance in the US and shes going to have my ass for lunch if I mention that I am apping into euro schools, London though looks very very promising (maybe I should go beind her back and apply to Euro schools anyway, one of her friends did get into E&Y, london after her phd, something to think about, but for now "sweetheart only US schools" is my official girlfriend-pleasing tagline).

(5) The GMAT is set for Dec, it shouldnt be a big deal, as far as I can tell.

(6) I dont wanna be in serious debt when I go for the MBA, hence poker must account for 80-90k in the next 20 months to help pay for my BS-elevating vocation. Looks very doable at just about 5k pm (time permitting).

In today's OMG news: I crushed wed's live poker tourney for about 1k and chump-change.

/end of serious post, back to work

As an afterthought: Most b-schools keep on recycling and spitting out the same essays year over year, how come serious applicants then find these so nerve-rackingly tough??? I mean if you know 90% of what you are going to asked in an exam, atleast an year in advance, shouldnt you be ace-ing it?? Seems logical.


ritesh said...

you have started really really early, WOW !!

Mate, I C Bill said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I sent you an e-mail just now. Please check.

Good luck!

Maxwriter said...

Thanks for you comments, buddy! I gave it 3.5 months. Application for Indian applicants started only in Feb because of some legal issues. So, didnt get a lot of time :)