Sunday, August 24, 2008

New badass setup

Finally this weekend I got around to setting up a kind of formal office at home for playing poker. My current setup looks like this:

I have 2 dual screens with 1600X1200 resolution, this will confortably allow me to play 8 tables at a time without any kind of overlap or glitch in resolution. The box itself is pretty standard and nothing fancy except that it has a kickass graphics card.

And now for your visual pleasure here are some real real badass poker setup from the pros:

This is Tiller's setup, he has a TV hooked up to his desk as well, the two right screens are where he is playing online (8 tables, the 8 ovals).

This is Dag "dmikkel" Mikkel's setup. He is a high stakes cash/tournament player playing at nosebleed levels of $100/$200 and above (meaning at ay given time he is sitting with 30k+ plus on the table).

This is Cole "cts" South's setup, you can see the number of tables (the ovals on the left screen) he is playing at a time. And on each of those tables he is sitting with atleast 20k. (do the math)

This is Tom "Durrrr" Dwan's (guy on the right) new office, on the process of being setup. Durrrr is currently the most prolific high-stakes player on the net, winning and losing a ferrari a day.

Here is a recent 150k worth hand between durrr and phil ivey on full-tilt (this is what the online tables look like, the ovals in the pics above):

Ok, lets play some poker now!!! I can almost hear the money train going CHI-CHINGGGGGGG !!!


D. G. said...

Insane, dude. Insane!

Soni said...

Do you guys use epass for loading/withdrawing money? I'm curious about playing but can't load from US bank acct.

OMGparishilton said...

@dg: i know !!

@soni: u can load directly from your us bank account, on pokerstars or fulltilt poker, mail me if you wanna know the details..

Anonymous said...

that tiller's setup was really badass.

JulyDream said...

Wow!!! That's one hell of a setup. Care to do my office next? ;)

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Always appreciate finding out who my readers are.

Paige =o)