Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up

Its been a while since I've posted, but unfortunately for the readers of this blog I plan to put them through some more misery before I'm done.

First of: 'Grats to MBA-veggie and Middle of Nowhere for securing the first known admits of the 09 mba blogosphere, and almost surely this is just a start.

As for me life has been kind of meh over the past couple of weeks. Nothing even remotely exciting is happening except that the Indian cricket team is whipping some creamy Australian ass back home. Oh and I finally finished "Frasier" on Netflix. Frasier has almost always been my favourite sitcom, followed closely by Seinfeld, and frankly the deadpan, snobby/snootish, understated and most importantly the refined play-on-word-humor (compared to the blatant physical humor of friends) of Frasier has always had me cracking.

When it comes to the dreaded GMAT preps, much to my non-astonishment I havent made an iota of progress, ah but theres always tomorrow.
Random links/news away from this blog:
Some new priceless sites where I can be found wasting my time:

For you Dark Knight junkies, theres a Bob out there (no seriously the guy's name actually is Bob) making the bat-tumbler and batmobile from scratch. Place your orders with Bob here. View of Bob's home-made bat-tumbler:

Finally some balla-timepieces that successful poker players love to flaunt at the table (snaps taken by Nat Arem at the World Poker Tour 08 Final table):

Finally heres something that I decided to get for myself as a part of the me-too crowd (this is my first shopping spree of any kind in well over 8 months, so indulge me for a second)

Its a Breitling Super Avenger, waiting for its arrival with bated breath !!!