Monday, September 8, 2008

The Good, the bad and the ugly

I found this flowchart on things to say after sex depending on the quality of the said sex.

Some of the usable ones:

Good sex:
- Animal sounds ---> RAWRRR--> T-Rex mating cry
-Inner sounds------> Mmmmmm, Oh, Oh, Oh Yeaaa
- Romantic--> You are beautiful like the moon.
-Foreign/Subtitled Passion----> Anything french

Bad sex:
-Animal sounds---> Whoooliluii --> Whale mating cry
----> Baah Baaah-> Sheep
-Inner sounds--> Booooo, blaaaahhh, Yabba doobie Dooobe Dooo
-Romantic---> I love (not your partner's name) (not their gender) soooo much
-Foreign/Subtitled Passion-----> Heil hitler

Some addendums on the bad sex (via Amit Varma ):

-Can you atleast cook?
-I need to blog some pictures of this. Say cheeeeeese.
-Done. 100 girls in 100 days. I won the bet. I don’t need to do this any more.

Good luck picking.

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Anonymous said...

My personal best impromptu response from a one-night stand: "Wow that really escalated pretty quickly. It really got out of hand."